About 30 minutes from Villa Michelangelo.

The Old Town, the heart of the Baroque style of the 1600, full of churches and monuments, the Folklore that reigns between the Elephant Square, symbol of the city and the Fish Market and the influences of Arab, Greeks and Romans make the city obligatory stop for visitors in Sicily. A scenery in which the colors of the sun, of the sea and of the fire of Etna, blend with 2,700 years of history to live every day a unique spectacle.


About 20 minutes from Villa Michelangelo.

By Catanese is called “Idda” considered as a Lady that embraces and takes care of the whole city.

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and in its oasis of natural beauty, where the naked “sciara” (cold lava flows) coexist with intense and spontaneous cultivations, you can visit the Craters of the latest eruptions, the Perennial Glacier further South in the Hemisphere Boreal and the biggest Chestnut in the World.

A unique panorama difficult to compare to any other existing landscape.



About 45 minutes from Villa Michelangelo.

A unique and historic location established in the world for its hilltop location, that offers breathtaking views of the coast with below its rugged rocks, the sandy bays and the crystal clear waters, and for its rich history of conquests and dominations that have left inevitable signs in its architecture. Today Taormina is a lounge full of luxury hotels, shops, restaurants and little corners of paradise impossible not to visit during any holiday in Sicily.

Etnaland and Adventure Park

At few kilometers from the hotel you can reach ETNALAND, waterpark and themepark, which offers a variety of attractions suitable for adults and children in or out of the water.

At few hundred meters from the hotel you can spend some hours immersed in the nature between acrobatic trails on the trees at the RED MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE PARK.